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Each month I write a monthly email newsletter from the garden and this is already received by many people. I write about plants and people, thoughts and ideas, accompanied by photos and a seasonal recipe.

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November 2019

In Memory of Malcolm
On a recent wet grey day I decided to go through my entire study, sorting papers, journals and books, rearranging things and decluttering. I was physically tired at the end of the day as I have shelves on three sides of my study...

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September 2019

It is a beautiful spring in Christchurch and such an exciting time when new leaves and flowers are opening as the minutes tick by. There is a shrub which I have always wanted to grow, Garrya elliptica, and I have two which will go into our woodland garden...

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August 2019

I am writing this newsletter a little earlier as we return to New Zealand next month. There will be a few things to do here as we close the house for about eight months, and there will be the inevitable pile of things to attend to when we return to Frensham...

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