News Item 2018

Hello Everyone

I am sending a special news item as many of you will now be looking to purchase plants for your garden. Many of us older gardeners have for years lamented the loss of Peter Cave’s nursery. Peter offered a wide range of plants, sometimes rare, and with the closing of his nursery, some material became unavailable.

The excellent news is that Peter Cave is again in business selling plants by mail order from Raglan. Many of us fondly remember the days of a few years ago when there were various nurseries around the country selling a range of fascinating plants, many of which are now unavailable commercially. Peter's annual plant list was eagerly anticipated, and his plants from those days highly valued.

As we all know it is difficult to get plant material into the country now, so it is crucial that we preserve what we already have. The words under ‘Biosecurity’ on the website are well worth reading.

It is essential that we support Peter in this venture.

His web-site is



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