About Frensham

Our relaxed country garden was begun over twenty eight years ago. In the early days I had very little gardening experience and no vision for the site, but an interest in plants was quickly developing. Over the years, with much trial and error, a garden has emerged which we and our visitors do enjoy. Much thought has gone into the placement of colour, the short and long distance views, and the filtering of light which is created by judicious pruning.

The garden has been planned with year round interest in mind. There is nothing more spectacular than a crisp winter's day with the low lying sun. More and more people come in autumn, and many are now visiting on summer evenings, rather than in the middle of the day when plants and people are feeling the heat and effects of the bright light.

There is a serious plant collection to which I am always adding and there is subtle changing of all existing areas. With highly skilled gardeners, we can provide an informative and entertaining experience for our visitors.

Frensham welcomes you.

Margaret Long

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